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Marriage Preparation & Enrichment


Helping you prepare for a lifetime of love,
    not just your wedding day!


Marriage preparation is an investment in your future together. When you're in a relationship you quickly realize that happy, loving marriages don't just happen, they take some effort. The more emotionally intelligent a couple- the better you are able to understand, honour and respect each other and your marriage. This dramatically increases couple connection and satisfaction.


The marriage preparation course is couple focused and will provide useful tools so you can create and nurture a healthy, loving relationship.


Toronto Marriage Preparation
Maybe you've established a life and home together already.

Marriage preparation will still benefit you at any stage of your relationship. In addition to a facilitated discussion with a relationship specialist, it's also skill based so you will have opportunities at home to practise your relationship skills.


The marriage preparation course is tailored to you, based on the relationship inventory you completed. It involves the following:

  • Explore strength and growth areas

  • Develop a more balanced relationship

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Explore family of origin issues

  • Identify and manage major stressors

  • Discuss financial planning & budgeting

  • Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model

  • Establish personal, couple and family goals

  • Understand and appreciate personality differences

Getting Started with Marriage Preparation

Step one:    take the online Prepare-Enrich Relationship Inventory

Step two:    four 75-minute marriage preparation sessions

Step three:  certificate of completion

Step four:    after your wedding, a follow-up session


For more information on the Marriage Preparation and Marriage Enrichment check out my dedicated
website or simply book an appointment.


Cost of this program is $500 + HST

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