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Clients consult me on a wide variety of concerns including: depression and anxiety; grief, loss and bereavement; trauma; career and work challenges; back-to-work counselling; eldercare dilemmas, and a broad range of mental health concerns.


Almost half of my work is with couples and relationship issues. I approach the counselling relationship with a deep respect for the people of all ages who are looking to make changes in their lives and desire a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Counselling 84 Adelaide Street E. Toronto M5C 1K9

Counselling is a place where you can discuss your challenges and concerns without being judged.  It is a time just for you to figure out how to better manage your life, understand your problems and explore the change you'd like to create in your life.


My style is collaborative and integrates my training in various approaches. These include family systems training, emotion-focused, EMDR, and brief therapy. There is no one size fits all so I draw from what is most helpful for each client. I typically am active during the session and provide homework in between our sessions such as a task or focused reading. This helps to integrate new insights and behavioural changes into your everyday life and relationships.


In my experience, many clients experiene positive changes in as few as six to eight sessions.


See the FAQ page for information about what to expect in your first counselling session and to learn more about my counselling approach.

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